Discovery Park Community Alliance

What You Can Do to Help:

Your voice is crucial to making the Fort Lawton Army Reserve (FLARC) property part of the Discovery Park.

Please join us in urging the U.S. Army and the City of Seattle to acquire and convert the FLARC land and buildings to park/historic district use. 

Submit a comment – Visit City's website for Fort Lawton Army Reserve property planning and send your comments to the Mayor, City Councilmembers, and the Office of Housing - insist that the property needs to be saved for park, nature reserve, historic, and community uses - not for housing!  

City officials and the project planners need to be reminded about what the community wants.  Let them know that Discovery Park provides vital access to the outdoors, in its woods, meadows, and seashores that rejuvenate the people of Seattle and those that live in the regional communities in King County and beyond. Ask your elected and unelected officials – local, state, and federal – to urge the Mayor Durkan administration at the City of Seattle to preserve the FLARC property for park, wildlife, and the multiple of passive recreational users. 

Write a letter to the editor – Help call attention to the need for additinal green space in Seattle, for protection of habitat, and to develop a community service use for the buildings at Fort Lawton - write a letter to the editor of a local paper:   

Seattle Times      Seattle Weekly      The Stranger       Real Change      Queen Anne News      Magnolia Voice 

Remember to include your email address, phone number, and town and don’t forget to keep it brief.Most newspapers have strong word limits of 150-200 words. Visit "Writing Letters to the Editor" for additional tips.  

More importantly - Join the Discovery Park + 29 campaign - as a leader, supporter, or volunteer - the campaign starts NOW!  We need people to help manage or participate with these positions and efforts - sign up on the volunteer page of this website:

  • Phone Bank - smile when you talk, read the script, engage people, phone banks work.
  • Manage our yard sign campaign - pick up, deliver, set out yard signs
  • Give money and raise money - phone calls, emails, monthly gift, bundling - 10 friends giving $10 per month
  • Be a volunteer coordinator, scheduler, research director, speaker, or government liaison for the campaign these are a few of the positions where we need talented, enthusiastic, experienced, or willing to learn people for the campaign to succeed.  
  • Data Entry - logging names of supporters, donors, list of elected officials, decision-makers or thought leaders
  • Cleaning the campaign office - well really, someone has to do it
  • Host a meet and greet for the cause - we need to raise money
  • Plan a campaign fundraising event - raffle, silent auction, dinner, picnic in Discovery Park, - limitless
  • Collect & donate office supplies - need copier paper, ink cartridges, coffee cups, pens, etc.
  • Bring food - campaigns march on food - donuts, cookies, tea, coffee, bottled water, pop, pizza, - limitless

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